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Bluejacket Insurance?

I’m Kevin Tucker. I want to help you find the best combination of benefits and value for your insurance and annuity needs.


I became a licensed insurance agent a few years ago. I have worked hard to learn about the products that are available. Almost weekly, I am involved in training– Continuing Education, new product training and supplemental training from insurance companies. I take special care to match these products to your needs.


When my daughter was born many years ago, the insurance company that covered my family through the small non-profit that I worked for went bankrupt. I was left with the hospital bills and no insurance.


Through my experience and the experiences of my family, friends and clients, I only represent strong, A-rated insurance companies.


Bluejacket Insurance is my insurance agency. I don’t want to worry that my clients will call me when a similar event happens to them.


I have many years of technical sales experience.  That experience trained me to research to understand my products and the industry. I work hard to understand the options that will most benefit my clients.


Let me help to explain the new HSA compatible plans….or how an annuity might be good for you or what type of life insurance best fits your needs.

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